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Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling

Supreme Court Upholds ACA Again

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this morning that the Affordable Care Act may provide nationwide tax subsidies for people who purchase health insurance through an exchange.  The Court considered a challenge to a provision of the ACA concerning whether subsidies were available only to those who purchased health insurance on an exchange “established by the state.”  The Court, in King v. Burwell, ruled 6 to 3 in favor of upholding the eligibility for people to receive subsidies through either a state or federal health insurance exchange.

The opposite ruling would have had serious implications for the country due to the number of states relying on a federally-run exchange (37 states) and the number of customers who qualify for subsidies based on their income (about 85% of customers nationwide).   The Government’s argument prevailing:  defending the subsidies, the Government argued that if you look at the entire ACA and its history, it is clear that the subsidies are available to everyone who purchases insurance on an exchange, no matter who created it.

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Some of the key webinar highlights include:

  • Will Federal subsidies stop in some states making residents unable to access subsidized Exchange coverage?
  • 3 year case study providing a practical view
  •  Will IRS information reporting still be required?
  • Could Congress step in and propose changes to the existing ACA law?
  • 2015 – Section 125 changes including eligibility, PRAs, excepted benefits and FSA plans for higher OOP exposure
  • 2016 – Renewal focus on HSA’s with a dollar for dollar matching contribution
  • 2017 – Further conversation of reducing benefit costs utilizing post deductible HRA’s and consideration of Defined Contributions

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