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Privacy Policy

In compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLB”), Public Law 106-102 (1999), this notice contains the privacy policy of Moroni Fantin, LLC.  The GLB Act was enacted to provide greater protection for an individual’s private information. This notice is meant to provide you with information regarding how we use your personal information and what your rights are with regard to your non-public personal information. In order to provide you with the benefits available on our website, we need to collect certain non-public information. In fact, the more we understand about you and your needs, the better we can suggest the right insurance products or services for you. However, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of this information in accordance with the law. All employees and affiliates of our company with access to personal information about our clients are required to follow this policy. Our privacy policy applies to all personally identifiable non-public information about you that is obtained in connection with providing you our insurance products or services. Our privacy policy will continue to cover information we collect about you during the course of our relationship, as well as after it has ended.

It is our responsibility to meet your expectations for privacy while still providing you with insurance products or services. In order to provide our services to you, your information may be shared with other service providers.
To complete applications and forms, we may need to provide your non-public information to affiliated and nonaffiliated persons or entities involved in the underwriting, processing and servicing of insurance products and services.

Our privacy policy does not permit us to provide any nonaffiliated third party with your non-public information unless we have an agreement with the third party that they will protect the confidentiality of your non-public information.
There are times when we are required by law to provide your non-public information to authorized persons or entities. Such occasions include: complying with a subpoena or summons by federal, state or local authorities responding to judicial process, responding to regulatory authorities, or other purposes as required by law. We will not disclose any of your non-public personal information to anyone except as permitted or required by law.

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