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About Us

About Us

Millennium Medical Solutions Corp. is a family-owned employee benefit consulting boutique agency specializing in commercial healthcare. By drawing on extensive industry experience, independent creative thinking, and using technology-based internet support we have been saving double digits on average for our clients.

Our clients have been weathering the volatile storms of healthcare from the early days of health indemnity plans, HMO’s of the 90’s until today’s alternate funding arrangements such as H.S.A.’s, H.R.A.’s, F.S.A.’s and consumer-driven healthcare plans. We maintain rich levels of benefits by finding ways of re-insuring clients and discovering market inefficiencies.  Finally, we can help determine if your business would be better served by outsourcing your employee benefits to a PEO ( Professional Employer Organization ).  We work with several PEO’s and we can help you determine which would be best for your unique business situation.

The leading technology partnerships alliance allows us to focus more time on our clients’ needs and less on paperwork. Our speedy customer care turnaround makes us more efficient and alleviates some of the stresses of dealing with medical care in the 21st century. The client portal allows employees to access their plan design, physician locator, and access forms. In addition, employers can utilize this platform to ramp up to a Fortune 500 level HR Kiosk service.

As a small family business, we understand the needs of our clients and the pressures of balancing costs vs. employee benefits. We maintain our independence by being licensed with all private leading carriers including public programs such as Healthy NY, Child Health Plus, NJ Family Care, Medicare Supplemental, and Medigap. No stones go unturned until we find our clients the right fit.

A Solution To Rising Premiums

As healthcare premiums continue to rise at double-digit rates, employers are finding it more and more difficult to reduce costs and maintain coverage. One way to deal with this is to shift more of the costs to the employees.

We, on the other hand, have an alternative to such cost-cutting measures on non-medicare products. Let us show you how.  Be sure to check out the latest updates on Health Care Reform at our blog.

200 Business Park Drive, Suite 204
Armonk, NY 10504
Telephone: (914) 207-6161 Fax: (212) 320-0222
email: [email protected]

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