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Private Exchange

Private Exchange

Moving to Paperless Benefits Admin System

Why a Private Exchange?

Private Exchange White Papers

We are excited  to deliver our clients the solution that the market has been asking for.  The Private Exchange was designed with you in mind.  A simple to use  affordable offering that is small business friendly and a great way to save on administration  time,  employee benefit ease of understatement and empowerment.  The private Exchange saves money on healthcare costs by setting predictable budgets while allowing employees to personalize their benefits package with a selection of health, dental, vision, life, disability, and other benefits from top national and regional providers.   By going paperless introducing new plans or on-boarding this is a significant leap forward and a great competitive advantage for you!

What is an Exchange?End to End Private Exchange Functionality

Aligning with the right private exchange and Benefit Enrollment Platform for you and your staff is critical. That’s why we want you to jump in and see what tools we’ve built for you. 

 Inside Your All-Access Pass:

  • Online Open Enrollment including set employer contributions and group billing
  • Load employees  and new communications
  • Group set up
  • Assign plan benefits to groups
  • Employer-centric design…our system was built with you in mind!
  • And so much more!
Our goal is to streamline the HR, benefits and payroll process so that it’s as efficient and painless as possible. The software was designed with the “non-techie” user in mind – as a result, it is intuitive and easy-to-use for employees, HR Managers and Administrators alike. And our services are designed to ease your burden – not create another one.
HR can be challenging (to say the least) and benefits administration is more complicated than it looks. But because our partner a very agile company with a unique expertise in benefits, we can turn on a dime and give you what you want, when you need it, at the right price. Better results for less money. That’s savvy.



What Employees Want

Is a Private Exchange right for your business? For specific details on all available health plans in 2015, contact our team at Millennium Medical Solutions Corp  (855)667-4621.  We work in coordination with Navigators to assist with medicaid, CHIP Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicare Dual Eligibles.   We have Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew speakers available.  Quotes can also be viewed on our site.

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