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Moving to Paperless Benefits Admin System

As COVID-19 has challenged the status quo and disrupted the way we’ve always done things. Working from home have ushered in a new reality for benefits, and one of the more tangible questions right now is: “We’ve always held an in-person benefits fair, so what should we do now?” And the answer: “Let’s just move the benefits fair online.”

 Things To Consider Before You Open

1.What’s Your Strategy for Going Paperless?

The best recommendation for most offices is to switch to paperless going forward. Decide how you’re going to organize your electronic files (tip: making it match your paper filing will make the transition easiest on your staff). Then put a scanning policy in place and stick to it … going forward. Baby steps! Once your staff has gotten comfortable with the new system, they can feel free to pull in old material as it’s needed.

2Replace paper forms with digital ones 

US companies spend more than $120 billion a year printing paper forms alone. That’s a staggering, unnecessary amount of money that can be saved by using online forms instead. With online forms, you’ll also see faster response times, with the submission data stored neatly in the cloud

3. Accuracy 

Automated processes reportedly make far fewer errors than those performed by humans. All data errors should be corrected when discovered for recordkeeping compliance purposes. But documents with errors in paper-generating systems must be corrected and re-printed.

4. Cost

key benefits of taking your HR paperless is simply the fact that you will be reducing overall waste while saving time and money. Paper reams may not be the most expensive commodity your business is using, but it may be the most easily upgraded. With our partnerships we are able to deploy a basic online beneeifts admin ssytem at no cost to our clients


5. Time

Employers do not spend as much time on insurance forms. In fact, for a group of 50 employees, employers decrease the time they spend on forms by 84%. This is because we map employee information directly to carrier forms and is rules-based, which validates data entered to avoid incorrect and missing information. This means that when an employee completes an insurance form, plenty of their information is auto-populated and fields cannot be left incomplete. If a signature is required, the employee can e-sign forms in Ease using their mouse or finger. Additionally, all data can be securely stored online

6. Recruiting Millenials  

You can enable new employees to enroll in benefits online. They can see the cost per pay period for each plan they are eligible for, as well as view side-by-side comparisons, informational videos, and digital brochures about plans they are considering. Additionally, they can log into our portal from anywhere, at any time, and view a detailed benefits summary. An iOS and Android mobile app allows employees to quickly access plan information, details, and policy numbers from any location.  online mobile open enrollment

Employers can use Ease to initiate pre-boarding activities the second an offer is made. Through the Offer Letter feature, employers can send applicants offer letters with custom details like salary, company policies, start date, and eligible benefits. This enables applicants to view all of the components of their offer in one go. If they do accept, the employer can prompt them to begin onboarding and benefits enrollment right away.

7.  Mid-Year and Annual Renewal Changes

How many times have come accross Clinets who simply dont want to be bothered with changes.  On Average 12% of costs are attributed to inertia.  With our paperless benefts system SMB can easily add and manage voluntary coverage. Employers can work  to choose which voluntary benefits are best suited for their employees and their benefit offering, and employees can enroll in these plans at the same time as their medical plans. They’ll even see the cost per pay period per voluntary plan and, in many cases, instantly view their eligibility.

Each employee has a real-time historical record. Any qualifying life event, like a divorce or a new dependent, can be made in their real-time historical record. The employee or employer can make this change and deployed  to the insurance carrier.

8. Payroll integrations

Several integrated payroll companies charge $20-$50 per employee per month dependizng n the size of the SMB. Ease enables employers to easily keep track of payroll deductions with its Consolidated Billing report. This report calculates and populates new employee payroll deductions into payroll. Employers can export the report as an excel file and upload it to their payroll provider.

Additionally,  with different payroll etablished exchnage connections that makes it easy to:

  1. Add new employees in one system, either the payroll provider.
  2. Process benefit changes, since changes flow from the payroll provide or vice versa.
  3. Keep employee records up to date with automated data syncs.

9.  Tracking Employees’ Time-Off & Performance

Ease’s suite of HR tools, EaseHR, was built to help employers manage growth. The software uses the same login and employee information from benefits enrollment, making setup simpler. The different tools included in HRIS by Ease are:

  1. PTO Policies: Employers can set up holidays and manage custom PTO policies. Employees can view hours remaining per policy, such as PTO, sick leave, and FMLA.
  2. Time-Off Tracking: Employees can request time-off and managers can approve those requests on the go.
  3. Metrics: Visualized HR stats including employee growth, company diversity, and organization charts.
  4. Employee Events & Company Directory: Employees can connect at any time with a repository of employee contact information. Managers can keep track of birthdays and work anniversaries.
  5. Ease iOS and Android Mobile App: Access all time-off tracking features and your company directory from anywhere at any time.

10. Hassle of Switching   

With most leading paperless payroll and Thrid Party HR and COBRA providers already integrated this becomes more organic.  You are not alone.  We help with group set-up and deployment.  The Client serves as a QB but are not required to become the power-user of the system.  Each employee has a unique login, allowing them to enroll in benefits themselves. They can reach out to the employer if they have questions, but also have the ability to explore the software themselves.



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Each year, Ease surveys tens of thousands of employees who chose benefits through our online benefits marketplaces to find out what they think of the experience. Overwhelmingly, the data point to employees being more satisfied with their experience overall, compared to traditional benefits offerings: 

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