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Going Green

Launched in 2006, MMS has changed the way the firm works. A Recycle and Small Carbon Footprint mission began.  Focused on recycling and reductions in energy and resource consumption, our Green Initiative enables personnel in our office to have an impact on the environment from day one.Recycle Small Carbon Footprint

The changes at the firm are both large and small, from recycling bins at desks to double-sided printing, use of recycled paper and Energy Star-rated equipment to reduce our energy consumption.

Having recently celebrated our 19th Anniversary, we realize that sustainability is integral not only to the continued success of our business, but for the environment as a whole.

While we have taken steps to conserve natural resources in the office, over the past year we have increased our efforts by offering a framework to improve environmental performance. Such efforts include:

  • Replaced our quarterly print newsletter with a monthly electronic version, saving paper and increasing communications.
  • All draft paper is made out of recycled material, and where possible printing is done on both sides of the sheets.
  • Implemented online meetings and conference calls to reduce travel to and from meetings whenever possible.
  • We have begun the process of replacing our office supplies with higher recycled content of at least 30% (file folders, envelopes, post-its, etc.)
  • We implemented a paper recycling drive through Paper Retriever and our local Rotary club which recycled over 20 tons of paper in the last year. Every shred and sheet of paper gets recycled.
  • Implemented electronic faxing to reduce paper usage, and allow us to forward faxes by email also increasing the speed of communication and efficiency.
  • We offer commuter flex benefits to encourage the use of public transportation for our employees, and reduce payroll taxes!
  • Employee (FSA) flex spending accounts and HSA accounts handled with debit cards to eliminate paper claims.
  • Where possible we have replaced paper files with electronic records, and faxing with scanning.
  • We are working with a shredding vendor who recycles all shredded paper materials.
  • We replaced all CRT monitors with more energy efficient, energy start compliant monitors.
  • We have replaced many internal forms with electronic ones, and also offered electronic forms for clients when applicable.
  • Implemented electronic postage system to reduce paper waste.
  • We are working with thought leaders to address energy and conservation changes.

We will be continuing these efforts as well as others as we continually strive to make our firm more sustainable. It was for these reasons that we joined the Westchester Green Business (WGB) program in New York State so that we could not only support their efforts but also learn for ourselves new and better ways to reduce our impact on the environment as a whole. We encourage you to join us.

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