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Interesting article of Pharmacies possibly expanding new role in health care: Pharmacies Embrace Expanding Medical Role.

With access to MDs expected to be reduced as has been felt in Massachusetts, an early adapter of universalized health care, the elevated roles of supporting medical providers such as Nurses, Physician Assistants and Pharmacists will be significant.

I agree with this article and the notion that public policy strategies should include and incorporate the value of pharmacy, and certainly should not jeopardize the viability or accessibility of pharmacies. Pharmacist-provided care can improve outcomes for patients with chronic disease, and reduce costs.  In sited studies the failure of patients to take medications as prescribed costs over $150 Billion/year.

Pharmacy can help mitigate these costs, and foster better health. With a community pharmacy, on average, within about two miles of every American home, pharmacies present amazing potential.

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