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Oscar 2018 Individual Insurance

oscar health insuranceMMS Inc is pleased to welcome Oscar Health Insurance to the 2018 New York marketplace. Millennium Medical Solutions Corp is a full service health insurance brokerage. We specialize in helping you find the health insurance plan that is right for you and your family.

There are 2 ways we can enroll you onto individual health insurance: NY State of Health (NYSOH also called ON EXCHANGE) or directly with the carriers (called OFF EXCHANGE).


  2. ON EXCHANGE ENROLLMENT – click here for Household Individual Market Subsidy and Special Enrollment Period(SEP) under qualifying events.

If you make too much to qualify for a subsidy, it is a MUCH easier and quicker process to enroll directly with the carriers OFF EXCHANGE. The same plans are available both ON and OFF EXCHANGE, but you will not be able to receive a subsidy if you enroll OFF EXCHANGE.

Oscar Health Insurance

Paperless Enrollment – Click Above

2018 Oscar Individual Rates

2018-Oscar Individual Enrollment Kit

2018 Oscar Provider Search & Pharmacy Formulary 

2018 Oscar Hospital NY Network

Oscar SBC and Brochure

Oscar Classic:Oscar Simple:
2018 Oscar Platinum   &  SBC Platinum2018-Oscar-Simple-Gold-SBC
2018 OSCAR Gold      &  SBC Gold2018-Oscar-Simple-Silver-SBC
2018 OSCAR Silver      &   SBC Silver2018-Oscar-Simple-Secure-SBC
2018 OSCAR Bronze    &   SBC Bronze2018-Oscar-Simple-Bronze-SBC


LOSING CareConnect 2018? No problem.

INDIVIDUAL ENROLLMENT:  Please send back completed online form below.  No check needed.

 Enroll NOW – NO PAPER *  click here.


OSCAR Background:

Our partnership was launched on January 1, 2014. The Health Insurer offers competitively priced products with a wide array of benefit offerings.  Oscar is available now only on Individual Health segment and is expected to join small group next year.

•The only technology-focused insurance startup in the country

•The first health insurer in the country to offer unlimited, no member cost telemedicine visits, 24/7

•Market leading product that allows members to navigate healthcare through cost and quality transparency

•EPO Product based on expansive network of providers and hospitals and no referral

•The health insurer with among the lowest insurance premiums in the New York State exchange. Including unlimited telemedicine visits, up to 3 free offiice visits, no copay for generics

•Service area will include Rockland, Westchester, New York City (5 Boroughs), Suffolk, and Nassau.

Please review this listing of  Insurance Product Offerings and Premiums and be sure to see the links below for plan highlights:

We’re pleased to represent this new quality Carrier, so you can offer even more choice and value to your clients. Contact our Sales Team if you have any questions or would like assistance with a proposal. For more information, please 


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