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Schools: Private School Reaches Critical Point

Schools: Private School Reaches Critical Point

A renowned NY private school in reached a critical point in their growth – they crossed the 50-employee mark and realized dedicated human resources support was necessary. In addition, limited resources made it challenging to secure a competitive benefit offering and continue to attract talented educators.


Our PEO partner assigned a dedicated HR Manager who had experience working with schools and understood the unique challenges facing a non-profit schools. They designed and implemented a scalable HR service plan to address the school’s needs at its current size – and as it continues to grow. We then identified an innovative benefit offering on par with other non-profit charter schools in New York.


The school chose to move to the PEO model. Having a dedicated HR Manager and an HR service plan allows administrators to focus on the education programs and the students. And, the school now has a health care solution that meets the needs of employees while making the most of their budget.

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