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PEO Case Study: Speciality Wholesaler

PEO Case Study: Speciality Wholesaler

Specialty Wholesaler: Multi-State Specialty Wholesaler Finds One Solution

A specialty wholesaler representing many brands and manufacturers, coordinates their delivery to the market. Headquartered in New York City, they also have employees in Florida, California and New Jersey. The group had received a substantial increase to their then current health plan and had little or no contact with their insurance broker. Their colleague, a satisfied client, referred us to the company. Frustrated with the changes in healthcare in their markets, the wholesaler was open to meeting with the new broker to discuss alternatives to their current model.


We introduced the PEO model which was a new concept to the owners of the company. The PEO of choice provided a comprehensive, competitive benefit plan that would work for employees in multiple states – and provide a cost reduction. They then implemented the HRCloud platform so the company could easily enroll and administer benefits for employees in various locations. A dedicated HR Manager developed an HR service plan for the company. The PEO team provided hands-on service, local expertise, and personalized HR solutions at every stage.


The wholesaler now offers a competitive benefit plan that is consistent and meets the needs of all employees – regardless of location. Having HRCloud and an HR service plan – as well as a dedicated HR professional to turn to for guidance – has taken a huge administrative burden off the company.

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