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PEO Case Study: Medical Group Gains Better Pricing and Benefits

PEO Case Study: Medical Group Gains Better Pricing and Benefits

A busy medical surgical group with multiple offices in Brooklyn and NJ needed better benefits and pricing than their current PEO was providing – but they couldn’t disrupt their current processes. Their health insurer, Careconnect, was exiting the market and the nearest plan was 20% more expensive.  Also, nearest plans offered were narrow networks with restrictions for NJ location and for depenendt students studying away from home.


Our PEO met with the medical group and their HR,Tech,Compliance team to assess the situation and the group’s needs. They then delivered a more competitive benefit offering – at a more competitive price. Additionally, the PEO provided a customized solution that preserved the medical group’s current processes while ensuring the group was compliant with federal, local, and state-specific regulations.


The medical group now offers the innovative benefits its employees need, while saving money thanks to our exlusive PEO competitive pricing. The network is a broad national PPO network offered 35% below NY Small Group Community Rating.  And, the group’s tried-and-true processes remain in place, so they can focus on helping patients without worrying about learning new systems or falling behind in compliance matters.

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