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PEO Case Study: Non-Profit Organization Needs Affordable Coverage

PEO Case Study: Non-Profit Organization Needs Affordable Coverage

A multi-state non-profit lacked a single point of contact in the organization for all HR issues. When they contacted their CPA regarding an increase in their medical plan costs we got the call As discussions began, our PEO learned that the nonprofit had purchased an online payroll system but had not fully implemented it. They had been seeking solutions one by one, using their staff’s valuable time, not realizing that these needs could be addressed holistically.


Our PEO partners presented competitive medical benefit plan options to the non-profit, including a much more competitive plan. They then offered expert advice to the non-profit regarding the payroll system implementation. And, as they had uncovered compliance issues the non-profit was unaware of, the PEO also provided guidance on how to resolve the issues. Our PEO  demonstrated an ability to deliver valuable, strategic advice and expertise on all HR-related issues.


The PEO’s’ ability to address the non-profit’s initial challenge of finding a more competitive medical plan – as well as their payroll and compliance issue – impressed the non-profit. It also convinced the non-profit that they needed to take a holistic approach to HR, benefits, and compliance/risk management. This resulted in a full proposal for their HR Solutions.

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