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Oxford Liberty National Network Changes

Starting with September 1, 2022 plan effective dates, Oxford members of a Liberty Network plan will have the UnitedHealthcare Core Network for out-of-area coverage. They will no longer use the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network for national network access. This change applies to all Oxford Liberty members. 

UnitedHealthcare Core Network Overview 

  • The Core Network has 90% physicians and 93% of hospitals overlap with the Choice Plus Network
  • The Core Network includes 895,806 physicians and health care professionals and 5,001 hospitals

Click here for the Core Network Availability Map

What this means for New York and New Jersey Oxford members enrolled in a Liberty Network plan

  • The out-of-area network for New York and New Jersey situs businesses with Oxford Liberty Network plans will change from the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network to the UnitedHealthcare Core Network effective September 1, 2022 for new business and upon renewal for existing business
  • In states where the UnitedHealthcare Core Network is not available, Oxford Liberty network members will have access to the full network that mirrors the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network
  • Liberty network access within the Oxford tri-state service area remains unchanged

Provider search

As always, please confirm a provider’s participation in the health plan network prior to seeking care. You can do this online, on, or by calling the phone number on their health plan ID card. Please note:

  • Members should sign in to® to search for Oxford Liberty Network providers
  • Upon renewal, beginning with September 1, 2022 plan effective dates, Core Network providers will appear in the provider search tool when Oxford Liberty members look for out-of-area providers
  • Non-members and affected members whose plan has not yet renewed will also be able to perform a search for Liberty with Core providers prior to September 1, 2022

New Cards

New Liberty Member ID with COREAll Oxford Liberty Network members will receive new member ID cards indicating UnitedHealthcare Core for out-of-area network access.

We will continue to share additional communication tools as they become available from Oxford. 

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