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Licensed Brokers vs Navigators

With less than 45 days before the first Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment set to end its important to understand the role of both Brokers and Navigators. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires States to establish a “Navigator” Program to help educate consumers about Health Exchange marketplace.  With the new health insurance exchanges a broker can act either as a traditional broker or a navigator (but not both). The info-graph below illustrates  how navigators will differ from brokers.

Brokers vs NavigatorsSpecifically, agents and brokers  play a vital role in the developing health insurance exchanges nation wide. As the individuals with the education and expertise to advise and help select health insurance products for families and businesses large and small, health insurance agents, brokers and consultants occupy a unique place in the health care coverage system.

We educate consumers on their health care coverage choices, help them select the most appropriate plans for their specific needs, and serve as their advocate if problems should arise. Subject to strict state licensing laws and education requirements, agents, brokers and consultants are critical to not only the health insurance enrollment process, but also in serving the healthinsurance coverage needs of individuals and employers after the point of sale.

Benefit specialists design benefit plans, explain coordination issues of public and private benefits to individuals and employees, and solve complex claims and billing issues. We help design and implement cutting-edge health promotion and wellness programs and help our clients comply with state and federal laws like newly enacted PPACA, HIPAA, COBRA and ERISA.

Professional agents, brokers and consultants continue to assist individuals and small businesses with their coverage needs long after the point of sale. Whereas a travel agent is finished with a client after the travel is completed, benefit specialists continues to serve as compliance experts, health and wellness promoters and the prominent contact for complex claims and billing issues. Health insurance coverage is a longstanding commitment for American consumers and often requires guidance from benefit specialists when dealing with a complex healthcare system.

For more information  regarding  both Exchanges –   Individual Exchanges or SHOP  please contact our team at Millennium Medical Solutions Corp  (855)667-4621.  We work in coordination with Navigators to assist with medicaid, CHIP Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicare Dual Eligibles.   We have Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew speakers available.  Quotes can also be viewed on our site.
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