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Average Long Term Care Rates By Age

Average Base Policy Premiums by Age in 2012*


2012 Base Cost























*Based on 3-6-50 Plan: 3 years nursing home or 6 years homecare or a combination of both where 2 homecare days is equal to 1 nursing home day.

Basic policies are those that are written to meet the minimum standards for the Partnership including:

  • Minimum daily benefit amount of $253 for Nursing Home or $127 for home care including assisted living.
  • Respite care 14 days per year
  • Care Management 2 times per year
  • Alternative level of care provided in a hospital
  • Elimination period no great than 100 days
  • 5% inflation protection
  • Guaranteed renewal
  • Extended Grace Period
  • Denied Benefits Authorization Request are monitors by the Partnership

Please note: This is the average annual premium. Please shop wisely. Some companies’ premiums are lower and some are higher.

Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for certain individuals, for example, discounts for spouses who each purchase a policy. Make sure you shop wisely before selecting your policy . Get Quote Here

All LTC premiums, generally speaking, remain constant starting with the premium at purchase and continuing year after year. In other words, your premium will not increase based on a decline in your health, advancing age, or other personal reasons . However, a future premium increase is possible if your insurance company requests this of t your State based on greater than expected claims experience.


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