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Although millions of presidential ballots are still being counted, total voter turnout is already approaching 2016’s level. Joe Biden appears to be increasingly getting closer to winning the presidency but at the same time, the Senate is likely to still be a Republican stronghold since 2014.

With a number of mail-ballots and absentee ballots to be tallied in states across the country, it is presumed that a clear winner may not be identified until the end of the week, at the very least. So what does a Biden victory mean for healthcare?


If Joe Biden is declared the new U.S. President, the Affordable Care Act is expected to be strengthened. While States like NY/NJ have created their own Individual Mandate this is expected to be trite with likely rollback of the Federal Individual Mandate repeal. Rolling back of Medicaid spending back to the States is likely.  Additionally, likely rollback of Trump association health plan rules, or even completely remove them. Trump administration made adjustments to the rules of these types of plans and essentially lessened the requirements for employers forming these types of associations.


Lowering Medicare eligibility to age 60. And creating a “public option” government health plan.

  • Medicare for All

    Medicare for All proposals call for the repeal of the ACA and replace it with rapid, nationalized health care for all Americans. Instead of co-pays and deductibles, Medicare for All would be funded instead by increased taxes on employers and certain segments of the public and pay for all health care through a “single-payer” (the federal government) system. Dental and vision would be included as well. The role of private insurers would be limited only to niche plans covering elective and other non-essential medical procedures.

  • Medicare for All Who Want It

    Medicare for All Who Want It proposals increase access to Medicare to all while maintaining a role for private insurers through supplemental Medicare plans to provide additional coverage. Babies may be born into Medicare, depending on the proposal, while leaving the opportunity for parents to opt-out of that coverage for their children. The system would be paid for in part through premiums and partly through taxes. Proponents of this approach look to maintain a role for private Insurers while establishing a foundation of government negotiated rates, designed plans while reducing the uninsured rate.

For now, the ACA remains law of the land, and employers are encouraged to make ACA compliance a priority, especially with penalties increasing in 2021. Contact us to learn more about your organization’s 2021 renewal options.

2020 Election President Status Nov 5th, 2020
Senate Race 2020 Election Status Nov 5, 2020
Congressional Election Status 2020

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