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Breaking: Maimonides North Shore LIJ Partnership

Breaking: Maimonides North Shore LIJ Partnership
Breaking News: NSLIJ, and Brooklyn’s Maimonides Announce Strategic Partnership on Wednesday. Both side shave been in talks since February.

Eventually North Shore-LIJ and Maimonides will fully integrate, “in a phased approach that will begin immediately,” the two jointly announced Wednesday. In the meantime, both institutions maintain their independence and separate governance structures. Lynam said there was no specific time frame for full integration.

Maimonides gets much-needed cash — tens of millions of dollars — for capital and operational investments. That will help it compete with Presbyterian-backed Methodist and Langone-backed Lutheran. North Shore-LIJ gets its first real foothold in #Brooklyn, one of the most competitive health care markets in the nation. But it does so without the commitment that a full-scale merger would entail. An affiliation agreement also protects North Shore-LIJ from unknown liabilities related to the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, a malpractice insurer that covers Maimonides and several other hospitals

North Shore-LIJ  has made strategic partnerships and acquisitions before.  For North Shore-LIJ, the relationship means it has a hospital or hospitals in every borough as well as blanketing Westchester and Long Island.  North Shore-LIJ, the country’s 14th largest health care system, owns 19 hospitals. In the city that includes Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, Staten Island University Hospital, and, in Queens, Forest Hills Hospital, Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Cohen Children’s Medical Center and Zucker Hillside Hospital, a behavioral health center.

They are also actively insuring members today in the Downstate NY area under the CareConnect NSLIJ holding company.  With important advantages under ACA and mindful of delivering value the insurance arm is priced affordably.  In fact they had lowered their rates 15-20% for 2015 and and industry low 3.3% for 2016.

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