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Apple Watch Wearable Workout


Apple Watch debut 9.9,14

Alas, Apple has finally unveiled the  stylish Apple Watch at today’s celebrated  annual presentation.  This anticipated product has been talked about so long that its easy to forget its  a ground-breaking  invention. This gadget  is as much a story about fashion and health wellness as tech.

Not surprisingly , the integration of health sensors is a key feature. While the exact specs were not released we do know it will measure heart rate, track steps, milage, calories and sleep, and its GPS system will synch with iPhone.  The watch is also designed to “learn” about the wearer, suggesting fitness goals. Apple has developed two different apps that should draw in both gym rats and casual movers.  Third Party apps are expected to follow.

This will not be the first wearable workout device.  The real estate for your body by fitness companies has been converging but there is nothing arguably this aesthetically beautiful, comprehensively functional and scalable.  It will be interesting to see how these wearable  devices  AKA “Fitbit” is incorporated into work wellness programs.  This occupational health was covered in prior blog Wearable Workout at Work:

“Employers incentivizing fitness by lowering lower insurance premiums in exchange for wearing fitness tracking bracelets.  Bloomberg reports that BP Plc  drive for occupational wellness offered an employee’s spouse the option “to wear a fitness-tracking bracelet from FitBit Inc. to earn points toward cheaper health insurance,” which is “an example of how companies, facing rising health expenses, are increasingly buying or subsidizing fitness-tracking devices to encourage employees and their dependents to be more fit……..UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH), Humana Inc. (HUM), Cigna Corp. (CI) and Highmark Inc. have developed similar programs, in which “consumers wear the device and the activity data is uploaded to an online system so it can be verified to give a person their reward.” The article notes, however, that “the moves also let employers and insurers gather more data about people’s lives, raising questions from privacy advocates,” one of whom notes that “when financial incentives are involved, Dixon said it forces employees’ hands and narrows the question of whether or not they should participate.”

The catch?  The price tag of $349, unknown battery life  and oh yea it only works with the new iPhone 6.  Nevertheless, I must of course order one for myself for occupational reasons  as part of  wellness studies and future articles.

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