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Yes its finally out there, the big issue came out this week!  Sure some of you are thinking Time’s Person of the Year or Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue(that’s in February) but those in the medical field know what I’m talking about. Ahhhh the long awaited annual  2010 NY Magazine’s Best Doctors issue is out. Is it HS all over again or is it for real?

The annual list collects opinions of local doctors and asks whom they would refer a family member to.  After this you get voila a ready to go Zagat-style guide of Best Doctors.   Simple right?

Just like any profession there are politics and old boy cronyism with powerful medical departments overly represented while small offices are forgotten.

Nevertheless whats a New Yorker to do in a fast harried life style?  This can be used as a general guide but much like a friendship the doctor-patient relationship happens organically.  Well where there’s demand there’s supply. Insurers are indeed working on giving access to members with what else The Zagat Health Survey. Empire Blue Cross offers this to their members.    Don’t simply sneer at this. Research has shown that patients who have a good relationship with their doctor are more likely to ask questions and follow the doctor’s advice – which can lead to better health.

So with both auspicious fine tools and a little leg work one is now empowered to get the best doctors.  Now if we can only afford the copays and get an appointment.

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