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Soccer is un-American

Brazil 0 , Germany 7Fifa2014WorldCupQualifiers

This post has absolutely little to do with employee benefits but more with the unprecedented lopsided score. With the World Cup 2014 lopsided score of 7-0 making history I cannot restrain myself.  It is well worth pointing out that I have an incredible respect for the game of Soccer  and its beauty.  The cerebral parallels of battlefield strategy and true international game is inescapable.  Besides this sport deserves more the moniker “Football” than American Football.

Having said that,  Soccer will simply never take off in USA. In any sport a team can trail and have a shot of a comeback. Perhaps this meritocracy or a “can-do spirit” is what makes this country great. Americans should be able to make progress in any game, overcoming obstacles and changing rules. Americans are an optimistic people. We like scoring too much to enjoy a game that is more about preventing success than achieving it.

Maybe this is also why the underdog is beloved. Regardless, if a team is down in Baseball by 3 runs its possible to come back in the last inning. How many times has Joe Montanan engineered a comeback victory down by 10+ points and 5 minutes left?

In the beautiful game of soccer there is NO shot! Say a team trails by more than a goal with even 20 minutes left a come back is virtually an impossibility. The opponent can contract and play super D. There is NO redemption.

From a broadcasting  revenue standpoint its a major snooooze fest when a team is down by 1+ score. After-all, in the United States we vote with our dollars do we not?



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