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PEO for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

PEO for Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Spend more time on patient outcomes



The PEO Advantage

You need the benefits a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can bring to your business to make it soar.  We independently work with 50+ leading PEOs in the marketplace. Our PEO Partnerships  will act as more than just an addition to your Human Resources department they provide a Client Relations Partners and SHRM certified Human Capital Consultants that provides expert guidance on a host of topics relating to human resources and employee concerns. With our Client Relation Partners, you are assured of a prompt and knowledgeable response to all your human resource questions. Business owners who use PEO services also have full and free access to additional services such as employment verification and background screening, drug testing, recruiting, professional development and continuing education instruction and seminars. With a PEO at your side, you are able to attract and keep the absolute best employees to further the growth of your business

But What Does it Cost? 

Most PEOs charge a flat fee per employee per year based on a percentage of payroll.  This percentage will vary depending on the number of services utilized by their client.  For example, a contract to manage employee recruitment, the payroll process, medical insurance administration and employee retirement planning will pay a larger fee than one who only contracts to oversee payroll. PEOs can also offer bundling packages to reduce overall cost – for example, Human Resources, background checks, and drug screening may be offered together for a reduced rate. Of course, businesses should take care not to pay for services they will not use, as this will increase the price of co-employment.

Is a PEO Right For My Group?

If you’re a small business owner who has concerns about payroll, filing paperwork, and complying with government regulations, co-employment may be the service you’ve been looking for. You  may already have a PEO but confused as to unbundling the administration fees form the benefits component  you are actually paying.  In some cases, a PEO may NOT be right for you. With Health Care Reform your company may qualify for a small business tax credit or a large percent of employees may qualify for an income tax credit on the individual exchange. For more detailed specifics and a quick comparison shop please contact us at

[email protected] or cal 855-667-4621

For more information about PEOs visit the website of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)

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