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2020 New Oscar Circle Plus


The Google of health insurance?  Oscar entered the NY market on Jan 1, 2014 and had around 16,000 members. In 2015, it expanded coverage to New Jersey and grew to about 40,000 members. In 2016, Oscar had 145,000 members in New York, New Jersey, California, and Texas. Oscar’s cutting edge technology and pioneering benefits have simplified the consumer health insurance experience propelled easier access and understanding of health plans.  Examples of success have been ease of physician locator, online appointment setting and no cost telemedicine 24/7.  Additionally, some plans have $0 Copay generics and annual 3 free office visits

The Numbers:

  • NY based with 900+ employees
  • 260,000 members across 6 states
  • $890M raised from top investors (Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Google, etc.)
  • $375M investment from Alphabet Inc. (Google parent company)

Oscar Member Engagement: 

  • 27% of Oscar members utilize DocOnCall vs. industry average of 3%
  • 35% of first time doctor appointments start with Oscar
  • 2x customer satisfaction score vs. the industry average
  • 48% of all Oscar members use the Oscar app, compared to 7% of other health insurance carriers
  • Doctor on Call has led to approximately $600 in savings per member
  • Concierge Team has led to an approx. $3,600 in savings in member OON claims
  • Pre-medicare population almost 2x Concierge Team utilization vs. the “younger” demographic 
Oscar Concierge Usage by Age Group 

New Oscar 2020Oscar NJ MapNorthwell Health, MSK, WestMed

  • Oscar’s current network will be rebranded as Circle Network.  Circle Network – 27,000 Providers, 298 Urgent Care Centers  and – Mt. Sinai, Montefiore, LI Health network
  • 15 plans across 4 metal tiers
  • NEW Circle Plus Network include. 45,800 Providers, 298 Urgent Care Centers and the following hospitals in addition to Circle Network. 
    • Northwell (formerly North Shore LIJ)New Oscar Circle Plus
    • Memorial Sloan-Kettering
    • Multiplan National Network for out of state
    • Westchester Expansion –  Northern Westchester Hospital (Mt. Kisko), Phelps Hospital (Tarrytown) and the Westmed Medical Gorup added. 
  • NEW:  Only $0 deductible required Silver Plans!

Additional Features:

  • Step Rewards Program – a step rewards program that links to the mobile app. Members are rewarded when they meet their step goals for the day with $100 Amazon gift cards.
  • Mobility – simple and easy to use. Oscar has the highest member engagement.  Example: members can also renew Rx through the dr. on call feature on their app.
  • Pharmacy – No more Dyane Reade, Walgreens and Rite Aid.
  • Concierge Service: Every member is placed on a team of 5 care guides and 1 nurse that help members achieve better health outcomes and lower costs.
  • Doctor on Call: 24/7, free and unlimited telemedicine that works nationwide. This is a great way to care of basic primary care at the member’s convenience
  • Member Experience –

Oscar Health Plans 2020 Rates Increase 17%

2020 Group Rates – Click Above

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