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2018 Annual Benefit Plans Maximums

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Pension Contribution & Benefit Limits

2017 Limit

2018 Limit

Section 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) annual deferral$18,000$18,500
SIMPLE plan annual deferral$12,500$12,500
Section 415 maximums
Annual benefit from defined
benefit plan
Annual additions to defined contribution plan$54,000 $55,000
Maximum IRA contribution$5,500 $5,500
Catch-up contribution limits
Retirement plan$6,000$6,000
SIMPLE plan$3,000$3,000
Compensation Amounts
Annual compensation limit$270,000$275,000
Grandfathered governmental plan participants$400,000$405,000
Highly compensated employees
any employee*$120,000**$120,000**
5 percent ownerno minimumno minimum
*   Employer may elect to limit to top-paid 20%** Due to the look-back rule, applies in determining HCEs during following year
Key employees
1 percent owner$150,000$150,000
5 percent ownerno minimumno minimum
Small Employer Health Insurance Credit Average Wage Phase-Out$26,200$26,600


Social Security/Medicare

2017 Limit

2018 Limit

OASDI taxable wage base$127,200$128,400
OASDI tax rate – employer6.2%6.2%
OASDI tax rate – employee6.2%6.2%
Medicare tax rate – employer1.45%1.45%
Medicare tax rate – employee1.45%>1.45%>
Maximum income without reducing Social Security retirement benefits
SSRA* or overno limitno limit
year individual attains SSRA*$44,880/yr.^$45,360/yr.^
under SSRA*$16,920/yr.$17,040/yr.
>  Employer must withhold additional 0.9% from compensation in excess of $200,000*   Social Security Retirement Age (age at which an individual may receive an unreduced monthly benefit)

^  No limit on earnings beginning the month an individual attains SSRA



Health Plan Limits

Maximum Health FSA
employee deferral$2,600$2,650
Maximum HSA contribution.  More 2019 HSA info, here.
Minimum HDHP deductible
Maximum HDHP out-of-pocket
Maximum out-of-pocket (non-grandfathered plans)
Transitional Reinsurance Fee (per person)Only paid through the 2016 plan year.


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